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Jersey Shore

Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia. Photo courtesy of

Looking for an uncrowded beach this summer where you can maintain social distancing, keeping you safe and virus free?

That’s not easy to do on the East Coast of the U.S.  But according to the website, these 10 secluded beaches — situated along the Atlantic Ocean coast from Maine down to Florida — will allow you to relax in or near a beach town in style, away from the tourist hordes.

“Some of these beaches are in state parks or owned by conservation trusts dedicated to preserving coastal land to provide habitat for threatened species. Others are simply local, out-of-the-way beaches untouched by development,” notes

So pack your swimsuit, beach towels, and sunscreen and get ready to stake out your place on the sand. It should be all yours.

Island Beach State Park, Seaside Park, New… Continue reading

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry Crosses Delaware Bay.

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry Crosses Delaware Bay.

Long before I could afford to take an actual ocean or river cruise, I loved riding ferry boats wherever I traveled around the world.

Whether it was ferrying around the Greek Islands, or riding the Star Ferry in Hong Kong, or taking the ferry from Washington State over to Victoria, BC, riding ferries was a way of getting out on the water both scenically and inexpensively.

And I still love it.

That’s why my wife, Catharine, and I (who shares my enthusiasm) have ridden the Cape May-Lewes Ferry three times in the past six years that we have vacationed in Ocean City, New Jersey, including this August.

The ferry travels from Cape May on the far southern reaches of the Jersey Shore across Delaware Bay to Lewes, Delaware, which lies north of beach communities like Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and Ocean City, Maryland.… Continue reading

NJ-00078-CGreetings-from-Ocean-City-New-Jersey-PostersSince I just returned from a bike ride in Ocean City, New Jersey, I thought it would be a good time to reprint a post from two years ago about this bike-friendly city, complete with a few updates:

Bicycling is great exercise for baby boomers, who may find running to be too hard on the knees, surfing too fraught with teenagers, golf too pricey and frustrating, and hula-hooping just all-around too embarrassing.

With cycling, though, it’s easy to just hop on a bike and take off. Of course, it’s good to have someplace safe to ride.

Ocean City, New Jersey, on the lower stretches of the Jersey Shore south of Atlantic City, knows how to make cycling safe and appealing, which helps keep people out of cars and improve physical fitness and air quality as well.

Its longtime slogan “America’s Greatest Family Resort” is morphing into “America’s Greenest Family Resort.”… Continue reading

I don’t think it had happened to me more than once before in decades of eating in restaurants, but it happened twice in the past three days during my vacation at the Jersey Shore:

A server carrying a tray of drinks to my table spilled some of them onto my lap.

Ocean City, NJ -- great resort town, but prepare to get wet

Ocean City, NJ — great resort town, but prepare to get wet

In the first instance, at dinner, the spills were a glass of water and a glass of wine — thankfully white wine.

In the second case, at breakfast in a different restaurant, it was a glass of water.

Both restaurants were casual but nice places, with medium-range prices.

In both cases, the servers apologized profusely, and everyone at the tables — including me — assured them that no real harm was done.

Certainly, it could have been worse:

At dinner I was wearing jeans and a polo… Continue reading

An aerial ad flies over the Ocean City, NJ, beach.

An aerial ad flies over the Ocean City, NJ, beach. Photo by Clark Norton

Ever since my family and I have been coming to the Jersey Shore in summer — off and on for more than 30 years — I’ve spent a few minutes each beach day staring up at the sky as small planes tow intriguing banners with messages advertising various places to eat, drink and otherwise spend your money.

Such as: “$1 beer every Monday night at Captain Bob’s Brew Dock!”

Or: “Try Luigi’s for the Best Lasagna in South Jersey!”

Or: “Empty Your Wallet at the Trump Palace in Atlantic City!”

Well, I made that last one up, though it would constitute truth in advertising.

I’ve often wondered, though, just how much effectiveness such ads have — do they really rake in enough customers that it pays for Luigi to hire a small plane for, say, a… Continue reading






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