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These women’s shoes from Therafit are specially designed for wide feet. Photo from Therafit Shoe

A comfortable pair of shoes, well broken in, is a necessity when traveling.

There’s nothing worse than discovering that, on the second day of your trip, your first day of walking around an exciting new city or pastoral countryside has left you with painful, blistered feet.

I should know — because, with age, my feet have been doing weird things. I’ve gone from a longtime size 10 shoe to a 10 1/2 and, more recently, to something like a size 10 3/4 or maybe size 10 7/8 — except nobody makes those for the mass market, to my knowledge. So I go with size 11, and sometimes those slip on my heel.

A good travel shoe also has to offer sole support and, preferably, not look too tourist-dorky. For me, that’s been a difficult combo to fill — especially when it comes to sturdy though lightweight and attractive athletic shoes (aka sneakers, tennis shoes, running shoes, or trainers — whatever you like to call them).

Therafit Shoe

So I was happy, though a bit skeptical, when Therafit Shoe, a company I wasn’t familiar with, asked me to try a pair of their shoes that they thought would be appropriate for traveling baby boomers.

Therafit promised “technology built for foot pain relief,” including arch support, a deep heel cup that aligns with your leg for pronation, “personal comfort adapters,” shock-absorbing removable insoles, and shock-absorbing midsoles. While I know very little about shoe-making technology, these all sounded like good things for boomers.

They asked me to give them a good workout and take them traveling.

The Therafit men’s trainer in black. Photo from Therafit

Most of their shoes, it turns out, are for women, but they did have a couple for men: a pro mesh trainer and a pro leather walker. Since I have trouble finding the former that fit me, I chose the trainers.

They looked nice — a grey mesh (they also come in black) — and felt good from the start, a positive sign.

And since then, I’ve worn them on cross-country trips and to neighboring California, and worn them to my gym here in Tucson as well. And yes, I’m wearing them in my office today, thinking about how I’d like to wear them next in, say, Romania or Cambodia, two countries still high on my bucket list.

Fortunately, they haven’t asked for them back (especially after I said I’d worn them to the gym).

Win Your Own Pair of Therafits

So, to share my good fortune, I’m conducting a contest wherein one lucky reader can win his or her own pair of Therafits, a $159.95 value.

Simply email me at with the name of a destination where you’d like to wear your free pair of Therafit shoes and a short description of why. (This will also help give me an idea of where readers would like to travel this year.)

That’s the only rule, except that entries must be received by February 15, 2020.  And of course, this contest is open to both women and men.

If yours isn’t the winning entry, you can still get a 10 percent discount on a pair of Therafits by using this coupon code at when you order: CNorton15.

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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