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I’m pleased to announce that my latest book,  Secret Tucson, has been published by Reedy Press of St. Louis and is now available for purchase at Tucson area bookstores, online at, or from Reedy Press.

What’s Secret Tucson about? The subtitle, A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure says it all, though I would add you’ll find such nuggets as:

What one time New York crime boss spent his last decades in Tucson?

Why does the Beatles’ classic song “Get Back” include a nod to Tucson?

Why is Tucson a must stop on many treasure hunters’ maps — and where can you search for a fortune in gold?

Where was John Dillinger captured in Tucson in 1934 after a series of blunders by his gang?

What locale is home to both the country’s southernmost ski resort and a World War II Japanese-American relocation camp?

Which cutting-edge scientific lab is located beneath a Tucson football stadium?

And much more!

This is a follow-up to my best selling book 100 Things to Do in Tucson Before You Die, and digs deeper into the lesser-known areas of the city.

Thanks to all the venues that have hosted me for book talks and signings so far :

Mostly Books, Tucson

Barnes and Noble Westside, Tucson 

National Parks Service Bookstore, Oro Valley

Arizona State Museum, Tucson

Pima County School Retirees’ Association luncheon, Tucson 

Tucson Festival of Books, Tucson (University of Arizona Mall) 

With best wishes to all,


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